Organisations that Support Small Businesses

Small business support plays a major role in the UK’s economy and makes small businesses strive and become successful. In this article, you can read all about the different organisations assisting smaller businesses in the UK.

National Enterprise Network

The National Enterprise Network stands as a network of entrepreneurs with knowledgeable members providing support to each other and small businesses. The support includes training and infrastructure facilities.

The network can also provide small businesses with office space, capital, help with business plans, and provide access to credit facilities.

They believe that their members are crucial to the UK’s economy and aim to represent and unite all organisations that want to inspire and encourage small business owners.

Princes Trust Program

Princes Trust Program has a focus on the younger business people of the UK, catering assistance to individuals aged between 13 and 30. They assist in start-ups and for them to succeed by supporting them with mentorship, financial resources, infrastructure, and guidance.

Young businesspeople can access the resources available on the site which includes advice on marketing and tax compliance.

For individuals aged between 16 and 30, the trust provides a grant to cover course fees, equipment, and childcare costs to assist in the individual being able to work, get an education, or train for a new skill.

Federation of Small Businesses

The Federation of Small Businesses was established over 40 years ago with a focus on helping its members succeed in business by providing non-profit services to small start-up businesses.

They provide financial services, networking, legal support, entrepreneurial advice and more. The FSB also hosts awards to boost confidence for the businesses and provide guidance to get further support from the government.

The chairman for the federation is Mike Cherry who was elected as chairman in 2016 and has led the company into an honest route in helping start-ups and mid-sized businesses thrive in the UK.

These organisations provide a vital service to small business owners in the UK with assistance to all the most important elements of getting started with a business.