The Great British Bounce Back Blog provides informative articles on small businesses in the UK and how they have been supported through lockdown and with growth of start-ups. Due to high unemployment rates across the world and individuals looking for prosperous careers without studies, more people are opening businesses and need support to get started.

Small businesses in the UK have been affected negatively by lockdown and the pandemic. This Blog can provide vital information on how the UK government and other organisations have helped small businesses to survive and get back on their feet after the lockdown.

We cover a variety of topics about business in the UK. Below you can find information about what we stand for and what our articles are about.

Government Support to Small Businesses during Lockdown

The UK Government have supported small and mid-sized businesses with support services such as grants and loans to save their businesses and assist with employee salaries. The ongoing support has made a major impact on the economy by helping businesses stay afloat during the lockdown.

On The Great British Bounce Back, you can read all about the various government schemes which have been active since the start of lockdown to assist small and mid-sized businesses.

As the lockdown and pandemic saw many small businesses closing down and retrenching workers the government acted swiftly in providing assistance. Visit The Great British Bounce Back frequently for updated and newly posted articles on government support to small businesses.

Organisational Support to Small Businesses

Various organisations throughout the UK provide assistance to small businesses to get started up and prosper. These organisations provide business advice, guidance, access to credit facilities, and knowledgeable members to help advise the new business owner on how to prosper with their new ventures.

Most of the organisations providing support services to small and start-up businesses have close relationships with government authorities and could potentially mean more assistance from the government as well.

Some of these organisations require you to become a member in order to receive support services.

We provide vital information on some of the most helpful organisations that present support services to new, small, and struggling businesses. By learning about these organisations and their support, a business owner can be prepared when needing assistance in their own business or when wanting to start up new ventures in the UK.

Visit The Great British Bounce Back frequently for updated articles on some of the most important subjects about small businesses and how they were affected and supported during the lockdown.